GOP Tax Fairness Plan is Unfair

by J.J. Summerell
Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina

The tax reform plan announced by state Sen. Phil Berger is just another charade designed to make citizens think Republicans are actually reducing taxes. Calling it the Tax Fairness Act and claiming it’s the largest tax cut in state history is misleading at best.

In fact, it isn’t fair and it isn’t a tax cut. Senator Berger and the other Republican leaders at their press conference last week probably used the word “fair” hundreds of times.

No tax is fair. …

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LP Statement on Boston Bombings

The Libertarian Party extends heartfelt sympathies to the surviving families of the victims and all who were harmed by the senseless and violent bombing in Boston on April 15 and its aftermath. We applaud the efforts of Boston-area residents and law enforcement officials who helped to remove the immediate threat of additional harm from the alleged perpetrators.

While we are relieved that the Justice Department has assured that the surviving bombing suspect will receive a civilian trial, we are troubled that, according to news reports, he …

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EC meeting Moved to Graham

Saturday’s EC meeting will be held in Burlington rather than Charlotte:


11:00 to 3:00

Hursey’s BBQ

1234 S. Main St.

Graham, NC

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Libertarians Oppose Welfare for (Met)Life

RALEIGH (April 18) – The awarding of nearly $100 million in “corporate incentives” to MetLife, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, is a classic example of state and local governments playing the game of Reverse Robin Hood, robbing from the poor to give to the rich, a state Libertarian Party spokesman said in a statement today.

J.J. Summerell, Libertarian Party of North Carolina chair, said the party denounces all such corporate welfare as fiscally irresponsible and the practices should be stopped immediately.

Here is …

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Action Alert: Support Free & Fair Elections

Below is a letter from Jason Melehani, the Director of County Affiliate Development.

Dear Libertarians and Friends,

Today, we need your help to push for electoral reform in North Carolina.  There are three bills in particular which I would like to draw to your attention.  It would be very helpful if you would write or call your representatives to support these!
First, House Bill 794: The Voter Freedom Act of 2013.  This bill dramatically lowers the ballot access barrier for new political parties and unaffiliated candidates.  Currently NC …

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Voter Freedom Act Filed in N.C. House

Rep. Jason Saine (R-Lincolnton) introduced House Bill 794 Voter Freedom Act of 2013 today to dramatically lower the ballot access barrier for new political parties and unaffiliated candidates.

House Bill 794 has bipartisan sponsors, Representatives Paul Luebke (D-Durham), David Lewis (R-Dunn), and Rodney Moore (D-Mecklenberg). A broad and diverse coalition of political parties and public policy groups from across the political spectrum also backs the bill.

The Voter Freedom Act of 2013 would reduce the number of signatures a new political party must collect to qualify for …

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Bill Would Set Up Nonpartisan Redistricting Process

A group of Republicans and Democrats have introduced a bill in the state House that would set up a nonpartisan redistricting process. House Bill 606, titled “Nonpartisan Redistricting Process,” would take redistricting power out of the hands of the legislators and turn that responsibility over to division of the General Assembly.

The bill is sponsored by Representatives Paul Stam (R-Wake), Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland), Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson) and Deborah Ross (D-Wake).

Stam is the speaker pro tem and Ross is co-chair of the Democratic Conference. The bill currently …

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N.C. Libertarians Appoint New Officials

RALEIGH (April 2) – The state Libertarian Party has appointed several new people to its executive committee. The new officials are: Jon Byers, membership secretary; Alex Matthews, director of university relations; Christopher Dooley, social media coordinator, and; Brian Irving, press secretary.

Byers, 43 of Asheville, is self-employed, working in the healthcare implementation and client management field. As membership secretary, he’ll be responsible maintaining accurate lists of party membership. Byers will be a voting member of the state executive committee.

The party recently set a historic record in …

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Libertarian Columnists Launch

As the Raleigh Libertarian Examiner, I’m proud to join a coalition of libertarian news reporters as we launch America’s newest independent political news outlet

Twenty-three experienced and established columnists, all self- proclaimed libertarians, from across the nation have come together to help level the playing field for Libertarian candidates and to promote the cause of liberty. Independent and opposition party candidates often complain of unfair news coverage or no coverage at all. Libertarian Party News intends to change that.

“Most independent and third party candidates are …

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Free the Vote Supports Ending Straight-Party Voting

Eliminating straight-party voting will be a step toward ending the two-party duopoly that controls North Carolina’s electoral process and discriminates against alternative parties and independent candidates, a spokesman for Free the Vote North Carolina said in a statement today.

“The straight-party voting system tends to perpetuate this cycle of individuals going to the polls and casting votes based simply on party label in the hopes of voting for someone that shares their common values,” said Jordon Greene, founder and president of Free the Vote NC.

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