Both Major Parties Increase State Spending

It doesn’t matter who’s running things in Raleigh, Republicans or Democrats. State spending will still increase.

“Regardless of political platforms and campaign speeches, the data show spending in North Carolina has increased over the last 30 years,” writes Sarah Curry, director of fiscal studies at the John Locke Foundation. “The last ten years have seen rapid increases in state spending across all categories, a dangerous precedent when the financial stability of America is not at its strongest.”

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Vote Libertarian to Stop Reckless Spending

The overwhelming majorities of  Democrats and Republicans who passed one more government debt and spending hike proves that they are incurable and can never be convinced to do the right thing, Libertarian Party political director Carla Howell said in a statement today.

“Republicans who control the U.S. House, and who therefore control the purse strings of the federal government, sold Americans down the river — their job prospects, their kids’ future, the security of seniors, and everyone’s vital health,”  she said.

While Republicans made concession after concession, …

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LP Joins Rally to Stop NSA Surveillance

Libertarian Party press release

The heroic revelations made by whistleblower Edward Snowden have let the world know: The National Security Agency is watching you and has undermined the fabric of the Internet. Its overreaching surveillance creates a climate of fear, chills free speech, and violates our basic human rights — your Fourth Amendment right to privacy.

But a movement is building to change all this.

The Libertarian Party was among the first groups to join a growing coalition of organizations operating under the umbrella Stop Watching Us, which …

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Libertarians Support Nullify Now NC

Nullification is not about state’s rights or slavery, but about the fundamental principles of the American republic, said J.J. Summerell, chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. The Libertarian Party is one of the sponsors of the Nullify Now conference scheduled for the Raleigh Convention Center Oct. 19.

The Tenth Amendment Center has been hosting events around the country to educate and activate people on the topic of Nullification since September 2012. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., an historian and best-selling author of the book “Nullification: …

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Constitution Day 2012: Read the Manual for Self-Government

By Brian Irving

You’ve seen U.S. Senators brandishing the little booklet, like some octogenarian Red Guards. After several years of trying, the late Sen. Richard Byrd (D-Va.) got a law passed creating a new Federal holiday and mandating a special curriculum for all public schools in the United States to mark the birthday of the document.

The law establishes Sept. 17 as U.S. Constitution Day and requires all schools receiving Federal funds and all Federal agencies to provide materials about the Constitution. Or rather, to study what …

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New LPNC logo

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina has adopted a new logo. It is designed to identify us with both the national Libertarian Party and state Libertarian Parties that have adopted similar designs.

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Much to Accomplish Before 2014

It is less than a month until fourth quarter! Time seems to accelerate as we begin to approach the holidays and we’ll soon be looking at New Year’s Day 2014 in the rear-view. We have much to accomplish before 2014 and I’m confident we have a capable and motivated team to lead us into the 2014 elections. So what needs to be done between now and January?

1. Project 2020. Though this long term plan for the LPNC will constantly be changing and developing, we’re working …

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Plan for Growth, Recruitment, Winning Elections

This past month I was appointed by the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina to serve as the executive director. I’m honored and ecstatic to be serving in this role to advance the Libertarian Party across our state. We’re currently developing a very ambitious plan focused on growth, recruitment and winning elections.

For the 2013 election, we’re excited to have a half dozen candidates seeking office in their city or town. Since most of these are small elections, I’m working with our candidates to help …

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Tell Congress No War on Syria

Call your U.S. Representative and Senator today!

Tell Congress you do not want the United States to attack Syria.

There is no Constitutional, legal, moral – or even military – justification for an unprovoked bombing of Syria, yet President Barack Obama seems determined to do it.

His stated intention to seek “approval” from Congress is just a ploy. We need to send a very strong message to Congress that the American people oppose this.

Call or e-mail your U.S. Representative and Senator today! Better yet, call, e-mail, and visit …

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Libertarian Party Opposes U.S. Intervention in Syria

Libertarian Party Chair Geoffrey J. Neale today strongly opposed any U.S. military intervention in the civil war in Syria.

“There is no Constitutional justification for America to unilaterally use force in Syria,” Neale said.

“Syria is not threatening our country,” he added. “We have no national interest in intervening there. There are no reasons for the U.S. to support either the Assad dictatorship or the opposition warlords.”

“It’s sadly ironic, and disturbing, that just as we’re commemorating the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and the March on Washington, …

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