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These events provide liberty-minded individuals across the great state of North Carolina with a special opportunity to network, hear from distinguished speakers, develop their skills to promote and spread liberty, and assist in providing the motivation to make their local regions a freer place. Our goal is to educate, develop, and empower the current and future generation of leaders to expand the libertarian dream. For many affiliate party events, you can get more details—and you can also see lists of past events—from the website or Facebook page of the pertinent affiliate party. We look forward to seeing you at a LPNC event in 2020!

To get an event on this calendar, send proposed additions to [email protected] lpnc.org (close the space when copying). This calendar displays events that the LPNC is involved in as a host, sponsor, vendor, or exhibitor, and includes many other state party happenings. To find out what national events are occurring please visit the LP's website for more information. https://www.lp.org/events

  • Friday, June 18, 2021 at 07:00 PM through June 20, 2021 · $1.00 USD · 1640 rsvps
    Greensboro Shrine Club in Greensboro, NC

    2021 LPNC Convention


    (Be sure to check back often as we add speakers, breakout sessions, and more)!


    Join us for the 2021 LPNC Convention in Greensboro June 18th-20th! We will gather at the Greensboro Shrine Club for a weekend of business, breakout sessions, and special speakers. Tickets will include all convention activities, plus a catered banquet on Saturday. We will have a Friday evening reception from 7 PM -11pm in the Comfort Inn hospitality room. We decided to do convention on the weekend of Juneteenth, which is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.


    Be sure to book early and save money! Event tickets include all convention activities on Friday through Sunday, plus a catered dinner on Saturday

    Pre-Registration—$95.00 (March 27th* - June 4th, 2021)

    *Extended, previously March 20th


    Registration & Door—$115.00 (June 5th - doors on June 18th, 2021)


    Virtual Attendance (qualified delegates only)—$25 with an option to upgrade to in-person attendance 


    Friday Evening Reception

    Don't forget to join us Friday evening from 7 PM -11 PM in the Comfort Inn hospitality room (1103 Lanada Rd. Greensboro, NC 27407)!



    Jeremy "Spike" Cohen

    Jeremy “Spike” Cohen was the Libertarian Party’s 2020 Vice-presidential nominee, running with Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the LP’s presidential nominee. He promotes a vision of common-sense Libertarian solutions that will make us all more free, safe, and prosperous. Cohen started a web design company in 1999. He retired from that 3 years ago to promote Libertarian ideas full time. His great aim is to make people more familiar with voluntary solutions and property rights. He is the host of My Fellow Americans, the co-host of The Muddied Waters of Freedom, and the co-owner of Muddied Waters Media, a podcast platform that reaches millions. Jeremy hosts two live programs every week, interacting with countless people across the political spectrum. This experience has convinced him more than ever that the Democrats and Republicans have both failed us. He works to end wars, free the innocent, and end the infringements that impede voluntary problem-solving.


    John Monds

    John Monds was a Libertarian Party candidate for President during the 2020 election cycle. Monds was the Libertarian Party nominee for Governor of Georgia in 2010, and was the first African American to appear on the general election ballot for Governor of Georgia. In 2008, Monds became the first Libertarian Party candidate in both Georgia and the United States to receive over 1,000,000 votes when he ran for the Statewide office of Public Commission District 1 seat.

    Monds is a 1987 graduate of Morehouse College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance. In his capacity as a member and President of the Grady County NAACP, Monds has held financial literacy classes for the Holder Park Summer Program, helped implement the Freedom Day Health Fair and advocated for citizens who believed they had been treated unjustly. He is a twenty-year member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity and has held various leadership positions on the local and state level including President of the Mu Beta Beta chapter. Monds also serves on the Grady County Planning Commission, Grady County Habitat for Humanity board, the Libertarian Party of Georgia Executive Committee and the Grady County Fine Arts Project.


    Scott Horton

    Scott is the managing director of The Libertarian Institute, editorial director for Antiwar.com, and host of the "Scott Horton Show." He also hosts a terrestrial radio show, "Antiwar Radio," on the Pacifica station 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles. He has conducted more than 5,000 interviews of famous libertarian and non-interventionist voices since 2003. He is also the author of Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan (2017), The Great Ron Paul.: Interviews 2004-2019 and Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism. Scott lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna Horton.


    Joe Bishop-Henchman 

    (More details coming soon!)


    Angela McCardle

    Angela McArdle currently serves as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, and is a two time candidate for California’s 34th Congressional District, and is a candidate for Chair of the Libertarian National Committee in 2022.

    Angela has worked as a paralegal and legal aid for over eleven years. Angela currently works in litigation and also has a private practice where she provides self help legal services to low income clients. The bulk of Angela’s practices focuses on real estate and constitutional law. Angela was a key organizer for the Los Angeles 2013 protest against a ban on feeding in public rights of way. Angela believes strongly in the sanctity of personal choice and allowing people to govern their own lives.



    Breakout Sessions

    Brent DeRidder

    "Affiliate Development" with Brent DeRidder of Sell Liberty

    Former Chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina, Brent now joins us as part of his full-time project, Sell Liberty. Sell Liberty provides Libertarian activists with the tools they need to be effective in growing the Libertarian Party and engaging their communities. Offering in-person and virtual training, as well as event planning and management, Sell Liberty seeks to advance the Liberty movement by teaching proven communication tactics and outreach techniques to Libertarians across the country.




    Stay tuned for more speakers & breakout sessions to be announced!




    LPNC Convention Business Tables

    If you are interested in reserving a business table, be sure to select the $100 ticket upon checkout at the bottom of this page. 




    Celebrate Juneteenth with us!

    Juneteenth is a day of reflection, a day of renewal, a pride-filled day. It is a moment in time taken to appreciate the African American experience. It is inclusive of all races, ethnicities and nationalities - as nothing is more comforting than the hand of a friend.

    Juneteenth serves symbolically, and in reality, as a reference point from which to measure and appreciate the progress and contributions made by African Americans to this society. Juneteenth is a day on which honor and respect is paid for the sufferings of slavery. It is a day on which we acknowledge the evils of slavery and its aftermath. On Juneteenth we talk about our history and realize because of it, there will forever be a bond between us.

    On Juneteenth we think about that moment in time when the enslaved in Galveston, Texas received word of their freedom. We imagine the depth of their emotions, their jubilant dance and their fear of the unknown.

    Juneteenth is a day that we commit to each other the needed support as family, friends and co-workers. It is a day we build coalitions that enhance African American economics. On Juneteenth we come together young and old to listen, to learn and to refresh the drive to achieve. It is a day where we all take one step closer together - to better utilize the energy wasted on racism. Juneteenth is a day that we pray for peace and liberty for all.



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