Houston Barrow for NC House of Representatives District 65

Over the past 33 years I have experienced the turmoil that Rockingham County has faced. People of all ages, but especially the youth, feel a sense of hopelessness. This disillusionment is not just local but stretches all the way to Raleigh. The old two-party system has proven it is more concerned with pointing fingers than helping the people of Rockingham County

In the last 10 years I have traveled the world, working as a professional wrestler - an unlikely story that happens to be true. I’ve traveled from Eden to Tokyo and back again and learned valuable lessons in personal responsibility and what it takes to run a successful business. I want to use these experiences to serve the people of Rockingham County in the state legislature.   

I know that we are not hopeless and that together we can shape a brighter future. It is time for a real change, and if we do not make a change today, tomorrow will remain the same. I am not a politician. I am a child of Rockingham County

Elect me and together we can make a difference

-- Houston Barrow

Houston Barrow on the Issues


  • Education: Change the educational funding model to send more cash into the classrooms and less into administration.
  • Economy: Support local business and industry, and stop wasting tax dollars on corporate welfare. 

  • Agriculture: With its unique history of agriculture and textiles, Rockingham County can lead the way in the development of industrial hemp, bringing a new cash crop to the state. 

  • Healthcare: End North Carolina’s "Certificate of Need" laws which drive up costs and prevent healthcare professionals from providing the best service to their patients.

  • Occupational Licensing Reform: Allow professionals to work within the full scope of their education. Stop using licensing to prevent competition in markets which does nothing but cause price increases.

  • Gerrymandering: Require that all political district maps be drawn by an independent, non-partisan commission. 

  • Criminal Justice Reform: All constitutional rights are vital - due process, speedy trial, legal counsel, trial by jury, and innocence until proven guilty - and should be absolute. I support reforming the cash bail system and ending mandatory minimum sentencing.  Both have proven to be ineffective and costly.

About Houston Barrow

Houston Barrow is a leading advocate for liberty in Rockingham County. Houston is known for being an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties, equal opportunities, and fiscal responsibility. Houston will fight tirelessly to maximize freedom for all of the citizens of Rockingham County.

Houston has spent the last 10 years with his brother, Clint Barrow, traveling the world and working as a professional wrestler. He has competed in over 10 countries and takes pride in his ability to find common ground with people from a variety of different backgrounds. Whether working with people of different nationalities, races, genders, or religions, Houston built his reputation around solving problems in any situation.

Although he has lived in some of the biggest cities in the world including Philadelphia, Liverpool, and Tokyo, Houston truly believes there is no place like home and that's why he re-established himself along with his partner of 6 years, Kimberley Doran, in Rockingham County, NC.

Houston is the oldest of two boys born to Connie Irving and Joel Barrow and a proud grandson of Shirley Moorefiled Irving. He was born and raised in Eden, NC spending time in the Draper and Leaksville sections. He is a product of Rockingham County Schools. Houston is a born-again Christian and has been since accepting salvation at 13 years old while visiting Springs of Life Camp in Patrick Springs, VA. While Houston is a man of conviction, he does not believe in passing legislation that would force his values on to others.

Houston is currently studying to begin a new career as a dental hygienist and hopes to reach out to the poor and rural communities of Rockingham County in order to prevent oral health issues before they begin. He plans to be a hard-working and dedicated health care provider–not a career politician. Houston Barrow wants to go to Raleigh to shake things up, mediate the dysfunction in the old party system, and make a difference for the citizens of North Carolina.

Donate. Please help Houston show the citizens of Rockingham County how a libertarian state house representative would make life better for everyone!

I pledge to protect the Constitution and the rights of all people, all of the time. 


Libertarian Candidate for NC House 65

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