Libertarian Columnists Launch

As the Raleigh Libertarian Examiner, I’m proud to join a coalition of libertarian news reporters as we launch America’s newest independent political news outlet

examiner_mugTwenty-three experienced and established columnists, all self- proclaimed libertarians, from across the nation have come together to help level the playing field for Libertarian candidates and to promote the cause of liberty. Independent and opposition party candidates often complain of unfair news coverage or no coverage at all. Libertarian Party News intends to change that.

“Most independent and third party candidates are portrayed in the corporate media as aliens with five arms and three heads, if they’re covered at all,” explained Libertarian Party News founder and editor Mark Wachtler, “But then look at where the news is coming from – for-profit, multi-national corporations whose only priority is raking in ever-higher profits.”

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