Libertarian Party Reaches an Important Milestone in North Carolina Politics

Here is an article that appeared in the Ballot Access News Blog by Richard Winger.  This article has relevance to every citizen who supports the notion of a third party in North Carolina, but especially Libertarians.  Even though we have crossed another major milestone, we still must be aware of how important ballot access truly is and how so much of the hard work put into Libertarian Politics here in North Carolina could easy slip away from us if we loose our footing. Registering as a Libertarian is more important than most people think. In so doing, you are telling all of North Carolina that you support the principles of Libertarianism and you are telling the world that you want real solutions to the abusive two-party bully system.  The Libertarian Party is growing quickly and we need your support to continue to challenge politics as usual. Here are three ways you can directly impact North Carolina now.

  1.  Register as a Libertarian now with your local board of elections.
  2. Donate to the LPNC, use the “Make A Donation” button on our home page.
  3. Volunteer to assist with our organization and help meet the needs of our party.

For more information on how you can assist, contact [email protected]


From: Ballot Access News Blog by Richard Winger

North Carolina Libertarian Registration Percentage, .31%, is Higher Than Any Previous Third Party in North Carolina

February 17th, 2013

The latest North Carolina registration tally, for February 16, 2013, shows that Libertarian registration is .31% of the state total. Although that is not particularly impressive on its face, it is the highest share of statewide registration that any party, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, has ever had in North Carolina, at least since statistics have been kept. No data exists for years before 1966.


The previous high mark for minor party registration in North Carolina was in October 1972, when the American Party had registration of .30%. It had been on the ballot continuously since 1968, but it went off the ballot after the 1972 election. It got back on in 1976, but by then had lost all its registrants, because the state forcibly converts all minor party members to independents when the party goes off the ballot, and then the party has to start getting registrants all over again.


The Libertarian Party was on the ballot continuously during the years 1976-1984, but then it went off the ballot for four years, so lost all its registrants. It was also on the ballot continuously 1996-2004, and by October 2004 had registration of .23%, but then it went off the ballot so its total was again reduced to zero. It has been on continuously starting in 2008, and its registration has been rising ever since.


The February 16, 2013 tally shows that both major parties have declined since October 2012. The October 2012 percentages were: Democratic 43.17%, Republican 30.86%, Libertarian .29%, independent 25.67%. The new tally percentages are: Democratic 43.12%, Republican 30.82%, Libertarian .31%, independent 25.75%. Thanks to Ray Ubinger for the news about the new tally.

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