A Libertarian Response to Governor Pat McCrory’s State of the State Address

The Republican and Democratic Governors of the past 40 years have all contributed to the excessive debt, regulation and public sector bureaucracy which handicaps North Carolina in the areas of education, economic growth and the drug war. I would like to offer a Libertarian perspective on each of these areas, below.

To appreciate this perspective and for those unfamiliar with the Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC), it must be understood that we are the fastest growing and third largest political party in North Carolina. We currently have over 20,000 registered Libertarians in the state, a growth rate of over 50% for 2012! Our growth is a manifestation of the failure of the Republicans and Democrats to effectively manage our state and the voting public’s recognition of this fact.

In matters of education, Governor McCrory failed to address the need for a school choice program in North Carolina. Despite the statement by then House Majority Leader, Skip Stam, that “We will have a good voucher bill early in the session”, no legislation has been forthcoming and no mention of a voucher system was made by McCrory last night. The LPNC believes a voucher-based Department of Public Instruction would greatly reduce administrative inefficiencies and return those funds to the classrooms to be spent directly on student education, not government administration.

The Libertarian plan for economic growth is built on the premise that attracting employers to North Carolina is a function of low taxes, high quality schools and high quality infrastructure. McCrory did mention income tax reductions for corporations and individuals, although he gave no specifics, but has proposed subjecting more purchases to the state sales tax, for example, barber shops and home improvements. The LPNC advocates the total elimination of the income taxes and the implementation of a fair, proportional tax.

Governor McCrory wants to escalate the War on Drugs by calling for more funding for our drug courts. The LPNC wants to eliminate the violence that results from drug prohibition and the we want to help those sick with the disease of addiction. These goals can be met through decriminalization, much like the Swedish and Portuguese governments have adopted. Rather than spending money on the trials and incarceration of these offenders we could be creating tax revenues while rehabilitating them. Our current drug policy, which is waging war against Americans, is an embarrassing failure. It is time to change strategy.

The LPNC recognizes the complexity of issues facing North Carolinians and the solutions we offer take a common sense approach that is based on the principle of Liberty. This principle includes the right to life free from coercion, the right of liberty of speech and action, and the right to property and it permeates everything we do. So often the Democrats and Republicans overlook the desires of their constituents to ensure their own political power and to maintain the status quo. The citizens of North Carolina are realizing that the Libertarian Party offers viable solutions that will enhance their lives while limiting the control others have over them. This message’s appeal reaches more people everyday and as our numbers grow, theirs diminish. We ask that you join with us as we pave the road to a brighter, freer, tomorrow.
J.J. Summerell,
Chair, LPNC

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