New Appointments by the ecLPNC!

Mark Rogers Named Director of Communications for the Libertarian Party of North Carolina and Erik Raudsep Named At-Large Member of the Executive Committee

January 12, 2013, Davidson, NC—The Libertarian Party of North Carolina Executive Committee met just outside of Charlotte on Saturday to discuss party business. Among the items discussed were two new appointments to state-level office positions. Mark Rogers of Carrboro, NC will serve as the Director of Communications and Erik Raudsep of Durham, NC will serve as an at-large member of the executive committee. Both are officers of the joint Durham-Orange County affiliate and will continue to fulfill their duties on the county level, as well.

”This is an important milestone for our Party” said J.J. Summerell of the appointments. “The rapid growth of the Libertarian Party in our state has led to rapid organizational growth as well. The professionalism and competence these two bring to our state team will be invaluable.”

The Libertarian Party earned full ballot access in 2008 and this access was extended to 2016 by Barbara Howe, as she successfully garnered 2% of the popular vote in her run for Governor in 2012. Known as the “fiscally responsible, socially tolerant” party, the LPNC has grown to over 20,000 registered members, a 50% increase in 2012 alone! Currently, more than 60 counties across the state are in some stage of development and efforts are underway to expand our local infrastructure across the remaining NC counties. With the level of growth the LPNC has seen over the past few years and the hard work of dedicated members, we are expecting a stronger, more influential political presence in the upcoming years.

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