Howe gets 2 percent, Johnson wins historic 1 million votes

The 2012 election has two major victories for the Libertarian Party. First, in North Carolina Barbara Howe got two percent of the vote for governor, thus securing the party’s ballot access for another four years.

N.C. State Board of Elections Vote Summary

Second, Gov. Gary Johnson achieved an historic one million votes for president, beating the 32-year old record of 921,128 set y Ed Clark in 1980.

See Google Election Results

Johnson’s vote total also more the double that of the 2008 ticket of Bob Barr and Wayne Root.

North Carolina has arguable the most restrictive ballot access laws in the nations. Howe’s achievement marks the second time the LPNC has kept its ballot access status through the voting process. Dr. Mike Munger did it first in 2008.

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