Don’t Waste Your Vote!

by J.J. Summerell
Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina

“Don’t waste your vote” is a refrain which independent, third party voters hear frequently, and the impact it has on those considering a third party vote is interesting. It demonstrates the dichotomy which frequently occurs between logic and ethics. Logically, given a close election, one would not vote third party for the “lesser of two evils” argument. Ethically, many feel you have a duty to vote your conscious for ideological reasons. Both arguments are plausible.

The 2012 election will provide voters a unique opportunity to maintain fairness, inclusivity and diversity in our electoral system. Pat McCrory is poised to give Walter Dalton the worst gubernatorial defeat (I believe somebody called it a “shellacking”) in North Carolina history.

This gives you a unique opportunity to vote for Libertarian Barbara Howe for governor. She is a well qualified candidate with a fiscal platform much more conservative than the Republicans but a social platform paralleling Democratic values. Fiscally conservative, socially tolerant – exactly what our state needs in 2012.

What does this have to do with fairness, inclusivity and diversity? Simple math. In order to maintain ballot access The Libertarian Party of North Carolina must garner at least two percent of the general vote in either the gubernatorial or presidential race. Without two percent, North Carolina will not have an effective third party voice influencing the two major parties. That would be a loss for our state – definitely a loss of diversity.

The LPNC is the third largest and fastest growing party in both North Carolina and the United States. In North Carolina, we grew 40 percent in the third quarter of 2012 alone. Forty percent! Most of our growth is among young (30 years old and younger). These are the people who will be repaying our debts. Tell them “thank-you” and vote Libertarian. Our website is

If you are a Democrat, consider that Dalton has less of a chance than that proverbial snowball and that the LPNC fought with you tirelessly against the gay marriage ban known as Amendment 1.

If you are Republican, consider that McCrory increased taxes multiple times as mayor of Charlotte and the LPNC will stand with you tirelessly on fiscal issues.

If you are independent and unaffiliated, consider that we need to keep a strong third party voice in NC and we do that by voting for Howe for Governor.

With McCrory leading Dalton by 14 percent there is no defensible reason to not vote for Howe. The “lesser of two evils” argument simply does not apply in 2012.

Vote Your Conscious, Vote Libertarian!

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