Gary Johnson at Duke University

Here’s a sample of the media coverage of Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson’s visit to Duke University yesterday. He held a press conference in the afternoon, attended mostly by university and college newspapers, and then spoke to an enthusiastic student crowd that evening at Reynolds Theater.

The Chronicle: Libertarian Gary Johnson: Waste your vote on me

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson asked voters to waste their ballot on him in the November election.

The Technician: Gary Johnson invigorates the Libertarian vote

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke Thursday in Durham about the rise in libertarianism in today’s political environment. Joining him at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University were libertarian gubernatorial candidates Barbara Howe and Brian Irving.

The Technician: Gary Johnson addressed students in Durham Thursday

New Mexico’s governor, Gary Johnson came to Duke University to convince students that he does have the resume to become the next president of the United States.

The Herald-Sun: Libertarian speakers at Duke including presidential hopeful offer a third way

There was no patriotic bunting and no extensive media coverage in a massive arena. This wasn’t the Democratic or Republican convention. But the political fervor was just as strong Thursday evening at Duke University for a parade of speakers representing an alternative to the two major parties.

News & Observer: Libertarian candidate Johnson asks voters to ‘take a closer look’

A quick glance at Gary Johnson during his visit Thursday to Duke University was enough to realize the Libertarian candidate for president is no Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

Carolina Journal: Libertarians Johnson, Howe, Irving Spread Freedom Message At Duke Event

A little-viewed video is not the provocation for anti-American violence in the Middle East, and America should shut down its foreign embassies and bring its ambassadors home, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said Thursday at Duke University.

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