Why is the ABC Commission Still a Thing?

Nic Haag, Libertarian candidate for state Senate 44, had this op-ed printed in the Lincoln Times-News:

The Old North State, one of the 13 original colonies, and home to the 82nd Airborne, is one of the most proud and patriotic states in the nation. Yet the North Carolina government promotes an economic practice more likely found in Stalin’s Russia than a pro-business right-to-work state, the Alcoholic Beverage Control commission.

The ABC commission is not just a government run monopoly, but an overly complicated web of embedded government employees making decisions for the public based on their own personal preferences, economic loyalties and occasionally even bribery. The concept of ABC commissions is a relic of the post-prohibition era, in which the North Carolina government controls every drop of spirit sold in the state. This is to ensure all due taxes are collected and exercise control over a product the government only begrudgingly lets people consume.

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  • commented 2016-02-20 09:19:32 -0500
    Nic, I believe ABC is fully supported by sales, thus a non budget item, and all salaries come from profits, employees are not state employees, and in other states when liquor and whiskey sales were privatized the social impacts have not been positive. Just sharing what I have been told .
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