Wake County LP Hosts Bitcoin Event in Raleigh

The Libertarian Party of Wake County brings Bitcoin understanding to a diverse audience with guest speaker and Bitcoin expert Jayton Gill.

The Libertarian Party of Wake County, recognizing the increasing importance of cryptocurrencies and the need to spread their understanding in the broader community, hosted a presentation and open forum lead by Bitcoin and blockchain expert Jayton Gill. As the audience crowded into the presentation space, tech geeks mixed with soccer moms and high school students mingled with octogenarians.

Mr. Gill, deftly tailoring his presentation to his audience, opened with Nobel Memorial Prize-winning libertarian political theorist F. A. Hayek’s advocacy for the denationalization and private issuance of competing fiat currencies. In 1978, Hayek was perfectly describing the phenomenon that would be this evening’s subject four decades later.

Read more and see the link to the video recording at WakeLP Brings Bitcoin Knowledge to an Engaged Community

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