The LPNC Executive Committee appoints volunteer directors and staff to lead the development and implementation of the party’s strategy in a variety of different areas and to carry out specific tasks. Please feel free to contact any of our directors to learn more about what they do or if you are interested in volunteering with one of them directly. Many of the work with teams of volunteers to achieve their goals.

Communications Director—John Gregory Vincent

The Communications Director is responsible for fostering a positive brand and facilitating effective outbound messaging across the variety of strategic channels in which the LPNC is engaged. The position reports to the Chair.

Outreach Director - Blake Hoarty

The purpose of the Director of Outreach is to provide education and awareness of our party and it’s platform to the public and organizations with common goals.

Volunteer Coordinator - Amy Lamont

The job of the Volunteer Coordinator is to match the work the LPNC needs to have done with the skills and talents of the people who have volunteered to help the party, making the best use of the volunteers’ energy, enthusiasm, and talent.

Director of University Relations—Marsalis McQueen

The Director of University Relations is responsible for initiating the development of new libertarian-leaning student groups at college and university campuses across North Carolina, such as Young Libertarian National Alliance, Students for Liberty, Young Americans for Liberty, and others.


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