Kevin Basner

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    Please convince all your voters to vote all blue tomorrow! This presidential race will determine the fate of America and the world, especially the world! There is too much at stake and we desperately need North Carolina to turn out for the election results! Trump is ready to push a nuke button and start World War 3 where my town and other cities, including Texas could be wiped out in a matter of minutes. Hillary has been lied about by the Trump campaign as new mounting evidence shows. You can vote for a candidate you hate and still know they are the morally better and safer candidate for the world. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson do not have a chance as most voters haven’t heard of them, so don’t bother with them. Trump is super dangerous and bad. Do the right thing and vote him out along with all the obstructionist GOP Congress (Senate and House). We need North Carolina bad! Please do the right thing tomorrow for yourselves, for America and especially for the world, otherwise we will be blown up if you vote red or purple (independent) as an independent vote will make it harder for blue (the working class party) to win. The GOP (Greedy Rich Party) wants to be our dictators! DO NOT LET THEM! THIS IS CRUCIAL! Thank you.
    A Very Concerned For America and World Voter,
    Kevin Basner

    P.S. I am not trying to scare you or make you think I think something bad of you. I just want you to do the right thing tomorrow and turn out (BLUE) for North Carolina, for America and for the world! Thanks again!


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If conservatives want to end progressive, liberal or Democrat policies, I say we end regressive, conservative or Republican ones too! VOTE BLUE!
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