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I support the unification of the American people through deliberative discourse in order to make educated and desicive political and social decisions. I think the Libertarian party most readily promotes the welfare of the American people over the increasing number of hindering nuances in contemporary politics.

  • commented on 2020 Strategic Plan 2016-11-09 15:33:44 -0500
    I’m a big fan of these vision and mission statements. A lot of Americans cast major party votes this presidential election. However, we still have a nation that is deeply conflicted and torn. This a wonderful opportunity for the libertarian party to exploit this exigency and unify people at local levels. I think we can feasibly see a lot of local support from people who are disenfranchised from major party politics this year! We have a lot of work to do people!

  • commented on It's Time 2016-11-09 13:28:53 -0500
    I cast my Libertarian votes yesterday with a clean conscience. I wI’ll vote for the right kind of candidate regardless of who else is doing it. I refuse to be bullied by two party rhetoric.

  • wants to volunteer 2016-11-09 11:31:07 -0500

8 year Army veteran. Dedicated husband and family man. Internationally educated and experienced.
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