LPNC Adopts New Platform

The major business of the LPNC 2016 State Convention focused on approving a revised platform. The platform committee worked for two years upon the recommendation of the 2014 platform committee to conduct a comprehensive review of the document.

“The committee worked hard to accomplish this, adding some planks to be current with North Carolina issues, dropping or combining others, and adopting a uniform language structure between planks,” said Susan Hogarth, committee co-chair. “This new structure is lean, sticking to the essential issue for each plank, which will allow candidates to expand from the basics with their own policy proposals.”

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Medical Cannabis is God's Gift

by Nic Haag

We've been told for nearly a century nothing good ever comes from cannabis. It leads to sloth-like behavior in some, ‘the munchies’ in others. It even induces homicidal mania in a few, if the movie ‘Reefer Madness’ is to be believed. 

NicHaag2.jpgLet’s talk about the first one, sloth-like behavior. While that may be a negative for a normal person, downers or substances that slow one’s motor functions are the prescribed treatment for anxiety and attention deficit disorder.

The common prescriptions for these ailments are Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin – all powerful narcotics which have side-effects like physical dependence and memory loss. But cannabis can treat these same ailments with little to no side effects at all, possessing no risk what so ever of physical dependence.

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Haugh Back On Video Campaign Trail

The pizza delivery man who ran for U.S. Senate in 2014 and drew a gathering of followers with his personal “bar stool chat” YouTube videos is back. 

Sean Haugh is again the Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate. He has already released three videos, with several more on the way. The first,“Opening Statement,” was released April 20. It covers the basic themes he'll address in the campaign.

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