David Ulmer

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    Write it up however you think best. Voting vs. non-voting member? Bottom line for me is no registered Republican or Democrat should serve on any EC at any level OR vote on our LPNC business. We should be very proud of who we are, what we do and what we represent. If somebody can’t drop an R or D then they shouldn’t be voting on the direction and business of the LPNC. There are some good Rs and Ds out there, but they shouldn’t lead or vote on our party business. Thank you Tim!

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    We have sold over 50 shirts in just four days! We have two weeks left to go on this first T-shirt print run. This is a great issue to rally around. NC Beer, NC Brewers and NC Jobs. Please sign the Craft Freedom petition.

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    NC for Johnson/Weld 2016

    $3,989.11 raised
    GOAL: $5,000.00

    Donations to the LPNC made here will be earmarked to support the Johnson/Weld 2016 campaign in North Carolina.

    Wow - we hit 2K! Thanks so much, guys; this has really made a huge difference to the Johnson/Weld effort in NC. We've purchased 500 yard signs, as well as T-shirts and several banners. We've paid for booth space at events. We have many more plans and expenses, though; so keep it coming! Thanks!

    Susan Hogarth
    NC Director, Johnson/Weld 2016



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