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    Thank you for taking the time to read this email. My name is Elaina Maldonado and I am currently enrolled in work force program at orange county social services at your Hillsborough office. First I would like to thank you and every individual that has put a program in place to help people in extremely low income situations find a better way. With that said this program is not being used for that purpose. I have been in a program for a week now and so far I have not seen any help with resume or job skills attainment. I show up everyday on time and probably dressed and with motivation to go to work. You can review the schedule at work first office. You can see for yourself that the program allows work first attendees one week of work experience every four weeks. I do not believe that is enough. And there has been no time spent towards training towards jobs related skills. I have spoke my opinion about how the budget is being spent in a very polite and diplomatic manner. Even though I have prefect attendance I am at risk from being dropped from the program. I have pleaded to help out in the social services department in anyway possible. They have refused and said they my not even consider me to complete one week worth of week experience. I have been given very little access to computer on most days if I am even allowed to use the computer all. I have asked for my supervisors directors numbers on a few different occasions their response was that I was not allowed access to these numbers. I asked them who should I speak to over how the budget is being spent. I even heard the response write a letter to Obama. I am begging for work experience and it is very inhumane to allow me to volunteer at social service office.

    Today was so disappointing to me, for the last 30 mins of time left in our day, I was able to spend that time on computer. I completed my uploading my profile to account temps and they offer free online training which I would love take advantage of however I had to call my local office to get a security code to finish the process. I did not have my personal cell phone available to me. I asked to use a classmate phone and her phone but her battery was almost dead so I returned the phone to her and ask to use the phone in class room. I was denied that option and said to go use the phone in general lobby. I asked her why and she said it was policy. At that point I went to the general lobby and after several attempts with the help of classmate the call never went thru. I asked to speak to director out of the program to let aware of them of the situation. Within two mins a woman appeared however she was not the director. I have not raised my voice once or used any foul words I had a complete clam composure . The women that came to speak to me was not a director of human services she was an account reviewer. She indicated to me that my work force account my be closed. I asked her and she gave me a very simple explanation that I can not disagree or argue with. However I mentioned I thought the timing of her reviewing my account ironic. I asked her about why I was not able to work during the day doing any duty I could possible complete, or why I was not spending my day training trying to attain job related skills. Her response was that the work first program is not a job experience or job training program. That they do what they see fit with the budget, and that this is a TANIF program and it does not require them allow participants to volunteer.

    My name is Elaina Maldonado and I could be reached at 9193603759.

    Thank you for reading this email.


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