Andy Dodds

  • commented on An Open Letter to Senator Burr: Five Tough Questions 2015-01-22 18:13:27 -0500
    Mr. Summerell,

    To avoid looking like the tinfoil-hat-wearing nutjob Libertarians are so often stereotyped as, have someone proofread your letter.

    To wit:

    In your introductory paragraph you say " the wholesale violation Constitutionally-guaranteed rights." Do you mean “of” those rights?

    “Next paragraph, it reads “demanding the return all copies” There’s that missing preposition again.

    The second question in #3 lacks subject-verb agreement. Then there’s the whole 2-for-1 question thing in #3.

    Otherwise, you have managed to bring to your questions the same tone Stephanopoulos took with Mitt Romney when he started the “War on Women” meme. If that sort of antagonism was intentional, it worked.

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